Notes for Directors: Meetings, Minute Taking, Company Secretary

The Practice of Minuting Meetings  is a free download from The UK Governance Institute (ICSA) and has some bits that are quite relevant to us. Bits that seem quite relevant to our situation include:

  • The practice of minuting meetings (p18)
  • Editing minutes (p37)
  • Corrections to minutes (p38/39)
  • Company secretary’s notes of meetings (p44-47)
  • Minute-taker skills & technical hints (like highlighting ACTIONS). (p50)

ICSA also publish a wide range of books on company law and practice. ( ) though they are not exactly cheap.

Two books that looked particularly relevant are…

Company Secretary’s Checklists

‘The ICSA Company Secretary’s Checklists is the best-selling A–Z checklist guide for the most common company secretarial tasks and transactions. Using a clear step-by-step approach, each checklist guides the reader through a range of common tasks from appointing and removing directors, preparing for company meetings, through to insolvency and winding up. Ideal for quick reference, each entry includes an introduction and explanation, a checklist of points to consider, procedures to follow, Companies House filing requirements and cross-references to relevant legislation and regulation.

  • A clear A–Z aide for anyone tasked with routine secretarial duties.
  • Ideal for smaller companies who need to comply with the law but do not have a company secretary.
  • Additional notes underpin the checklists by providing prompts for further action.
  • Each checklist is cross-referenced to the appropriate legislation or regulation.’
More details of ‘Company Secretary’s Checklists’:

Sample extracts:


Effective Minute Taking

‘People frequently find themselves called upon to take minutes, with little guidance on how they are expected to produce an accurate record of what took place. Ambiguous agreements, a vague agenda, interruptions, and a poor chairperson are just some of the factors that can make this a daunting task. This book will provide practical guidelines for overcoming the problems faced by minute takers and achieving accuracy in the minute-taking process.’

More details of ‘Effective Minute Taking’:

Sample extract :

book introduction and summary of contents

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