Art Off The Rails Images

From time to time we put together image displays for the excellent ‘Art Off The Rails’ scheme. Here selections of blown up images are presented in the display panels on the two Wivenhoe Station platforms and in the waiting room. (The viewable areas of the large panels are all 595mm wide by 995mm high).

Often people have asked what kind of image and what image size is suitable for these displays so here are some simple guidelines.

The Simple Version

Full width image (fills display panel side to side):

  • OK = 2,600 pixels wide
  • Ideal = 5,200 pixels wide

Full height image (fills display panel top to bottom):

  • OK = 4,000 pixels high
  • Ideal = 8,000 pixels high

Smaller images (maybe three or four per panel?):

Square images (a bit less than half the width of the panel):

  • OK = 1,200 pixels wide/high
  • Ideal = 2,400 pixels wide/high

Rectangular images (maybe a quarter or a third the height of the panel):

  • OK = 2,000 pixels longest side
  • Ideal = 4,000 pixels longest side


How big is my image file?

Apple / Mac Users…

Mac users can select an image file in Finder and either use the File menu and choose ‘Get info’ or, as a shortcut,  click the Command (⌘) or Apple () button together with the letter ‘i’…

 + i  or  ⌘ + i

This will pop up a small  box of info on the selected file which will include its dimensions in pixels.


Windows Users…

To check a photo’s resolution on a Windows PC, select the file you want to use. Right-click on the image and then select ‘Properties.’ A window will appear with the image’s details. Go to the ‘Details’ tab to see the image dimensions and resolution.


File data size

At the same time you can use Mac Finder or Windows File/Properties to view the file’s data size. This will give you a rough guide.

If a jpeg image file is less than about 1.5Mb in size then it has probably not got sufficient resolution to print well if enlarged on the station display panels.


If this is all still at all confusing then please message John Wallett with your queries or email him an image together with your contact details.

mobile/WhatsApp: 07757305327

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