Turn The Page 2022

‘Turn The Page’ is an artists book fair that has been running now for ten years. Last week we took a small bookstall up there for this two-day show. The event was a lot of fun and we managed to sell some new ‘eyeglass’ publications as well. The range and quality of the work there was very impressive and much of the weekend was spent exchanging ideas with other artists, book-makers and people who run small presses. Sadly the team who have been organising ‘Turn The Page’ have found the past two years very draining so they are not planning to run the event again, but we are having some conversations about doing smaller book-art events and exhibitions in East Anglia, and ways to share the extensive contact base that has grown up around this mixed discipline area of art/craft/publishing work.

Here’s an as yet unsorted image gallery. In the next few days we will add further information captions and links for some of the attendees who come from all parts of the UK.

John & Jayne Wallett