We would like to say a big thank-you for all the the support, help and encouragement we have received since we began setting up back in 2017 from our many loyal friends, members, funders, patrons and sponsors:

  • Charlotte Bernays
  • Annie Bielecka
  • Alan Brignull
  • Andy Brooke
  • Sarah Brooks Richardson
  • Jamie Dodds
  • Peter Hill
  • William and Anne Kentridge
  • Gisela Langsdorff
  • Councillor Cyril Liddy
  • Tom and Dilly Meyer
  • Bryan Osbon
  • Michael Padmore
  • Maria Redman
  • Kitty Reford
  • Graham Robinson
  • Paul Rumsay and Terry Curling
  • Kirsty Semple
  • Professor Mark Solms
  • Nancy Taplin-Locke
  • Jez and Dan Twyman
  • Caroline and Tony White
  • Wivenhoe Community Trust
  • Wivenhoe Locality Fund
  • Wivenhoe Moving Image
  • Wivenhoe Town Council Community Fund


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